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Default These people are the monsters not the opposite political party

Calif. Boy, 10, Who Was Tortured to Death Was Allegedly Forced to Wrestle Brother While Mom Watched

Horrific Testimony from Siblings

In addition to the calls placed to the welfare agency, the newly released grand jury documents show the testimony of two of Anthony’s siblings.

His 7-year-old brother testified that he was forced to wrestle his brother until he hurt him, sometimes with Anthony’s mother and boyfriend in the room watching.

Anthony’s 8-year-old sister testified that Leiva would also make the kids beat each other. “So the boys would be in trouble so Kareem would have me and [my other brother] beat up Anthony or me and Anthony beat up [my other brother]. Kareem would have us pinch him or sock him.”

The sister alleged that her mom and Leiva inflicted abuse on her, Anthony and another brother. Both of the adults would punish them by making the children kneel on rice, and Leiva sometimes used his foot to put pressure on their knees, causing them to bleed, she alleged. Afterward, she said she was forced to clean it up.

She alleged the children also were occasionally made to stand in a corner for hours after returning home from school. “Sometimes we would like go in the hallway, the little wall between my room and my mom’s room, we would have to go there on our knees and carry books and with two weights on top tied all together and we would have to hold it for like 10 minutes,” the girl said.

If the books fell, she alleged they were made to start over for another hour.

Authorities allege that, over the last five or six days of his life, Anthony suffered a slew of punishments both quick and prolonged — punishments that, in addition to kneeling on rice for lengthy periods, included having hot sauce poured on his face and mouth, being whipped with a belt on his body, legs, buttocks and the bottom of his feet, and being repeatedly held upside-down and dropped on his head.

The prosecutor said there was evidence the children were allegedly hit with power cords and vacuum tubes, as well as by Leiva’s fists.
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