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Chris Harris
Default Tutorial 1: Extracting Image Tutorial

Extracting Image:

In this first tutorial we will learn a very simple, very effective way to extract part of an image (the foreground) and remove the background.

Step 1: Make a duplicate of your layer (do this by right clicking on the layer in the layer window and selecting "Duplicate Layer").

Step 2: Highlight the duplicated layer and press CTRL+ALT+X to use the "Extract" command. A window pops up and your image is in the center. Use your highlighter (little icon in upper left side of window) and trace around the image of Bell. Do not worry about being exact, just get it close, it can overlap the image of Bell. When you are finished outlining Bell, click the paintbucket right underneath the highlighter. Fill in INSIDE the part you highlighted (hence, fill in the image of Bell with the paintbucket). Press OK.

Step 3: Open your "History" window (Menu: Window-->History) and highlight the option "Duplicate Layer" Click on the empty box on the left side of the Duplicate Layer action (highlighted below). This is your "History Brush" and with it you will be able to redraw in the parts of your image that were deleted when you extracted. As you get better with this method, you will have to do less and less of this redrawing as your extractions will be closer to perfect.

Step 4: Go to your tools window and select the History Brush. To do this, click and hold the paint brush(highlighted below) and select the "History Brush Tool" instead of the "Art Brush Tool".

Step 5: Go around your image of Bell and re-draw in what parts of him are missing. If you go past the edge of him it will draw in the background so a steady hand is required. Make short strokes then release the mouse button. This way if you mess up, you can press CTRL+Z to "Undo" the last operation and do it over.

Step 6: You have your image of Bell extracted now (hopefully). You may notice some remaining portions of the background on the image. Just grab your eraser tool and erase those left over parts (if any) being careful when around the image (Bell) that you want to keep.

Step 7: Now, it looks finished right? Well, not quite. I have found that if you use a stroke with "3 pixels" temporarily on this image, you will find a bunch of spots you could not see that need to be erased. I enable the stroke and then go and erase all the area that is stroke that is more than 3 pixels.

And with all the extraneous background removed...

Step 8 (Bonus): Highlight the original layer in the layer window and press SHIFT+CTRL+U and you end up with a fully colorized Tatum Bell and a black and white background. As an added bonus Click Menu: Filter-->Add Noise. Set your amount to 6.0 Distribution to Gaussian and make sure the "Monochromatic" box is checked. Gives the background a grainy 1950s television look while keeping Bell in full 2005 technicolor

Here is mine.

This is the first time I have wrote a tutorial on something so if a step is unclear, please post it so I can modify the tutorial and make it clearer. If you would like my PSD file, PM me and I will email it to you.


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