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Unfortunately, the indoctrinated don't question their own motives.
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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
I am not a Hillary fan at all. But she's probably different than Obama in as many ways as she's similar.
I don't think so. She would have done the exact same things Obama has.

1. Foreign policy - same (bumbling cluster****)
2. Obamacare - she fully supported it, still does
3. Constant division and lying - same
4. Bailouts - same

I know you probably have a different view of them than that, but I see no difference. The only thing you could expect different from Hillary is a little more loopy instability with that crazed look in her face. Same results though.
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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
This will go over cuts head, but some of you may appreciate the impacts of perception on opinions about welfare.
Look at the make up of Scandinavians and what America has become. We have about 50% of Angelino kids that cannot graduate high school. While the American spirit of individuality is in many of us, we have so many that ask our country, "I am here. Where is my free stuff?" Those countries have many items paid for by the government and they have been used to it.
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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Against it for now. Need more evidence. Yes, it's a nice benefit for parents to be but giving people like 14 weeks of paid leave would seem to be a little too onerous on business. I would need more than a couple polls from CA and NJ to be convinced on issues like lost profits...especially with respect to smaller businesses who have smaller margins. Much larger firms could probably absorb the hit, though.

The other data which would be helpful here is whether it would spur child births as our current births per woman ratio is not good enough right now to sustain long term economic growth. While a good benefit, I doubt that would incentivize more births since getting a few months paid is pennies in relation to the investment needed to raise the child over time.
And that's why larger corporations would be for it, potentially wipes out their competition that have smaller margins. That's why companies like Wal-Mart were very much on board with Obamacare.
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