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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Is our country so bereft of talent that all we can come up with are Bushes or Clintons? It's like the American Idol of hell. I'll be backing Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, depending who runs.
Christine Gillibrand
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Originally Posted by B-Large View Post
Instead of futzing with campaign finance, which is a symptom of a bigger problem....

why not just drastically reduce the power and scope of Federal Power? first and foremost, eliminate the primary reason for money and influence, tax treatment. Go Flat or Fair Tax, that would castrate almost all politicians, making the job and the money to influnce those in the job wayyyy less attractive.

Seems pretty simple. There are numerous other places to start pulling power, we just need to get started.
But too many want to use the IRS to attack people and silence dissent, so that is the main reason we still have the IRS. A flat tax makes too much sense and I have called for it for years, but won't happen for political reasons. We are the only country I know of with this idiotic tax system that most can't figure out, but we can somehow trust those that say they can.
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