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Meh. Anyone can.

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Another non-bargained perk for the major college athlete.

Specially tailored curriculum...

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I absolutely hate unions but college sorts has had this coming for quite some time now making tons of cash at the kids doing and giving them nothing in return. Might be the first union I support.
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They're not employees.
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First, if you believe these players would get a bargaining chip with as much impact as unionizing and WOULDN'T exploit that to its fullest extent, you're laughably naive. They might claim they just want these basic benefits but, come on now, do you really think they're going to ever say "I know we could get more but this is plenty, keep the cash and endorSeimiant deals"? The first step is to get the public support, try to get recognized as union members, then exploit it down the road. It's the exact same approach taken by the gay marriage crowd when initially they just didn't want to only be allowed "civil unions" because they wanted to be like everyone else then once marriage was approved, they absolutely wanted the benefits that came with it. Not saying anything against anyone here but it's a benefits grab and they're gonna grab as much as their hands can hold.

As to what it means for college athletics, I'd love nothing more than to dissolve this whole farce of the college athlete. It's been a huge smear on academic institutions for years but people turn an eye because $$$$.

And, finally, nobody cares about these kids. They want to say my school is better than your school. They want to say my team beat your team. The players change every year but the Big House is still packed with 100k+ people when that Ohio St game rolls around. Unless they somehow get the right back to go straight to the NFL, they'll be relegated to arena league or something and nobody will give a rats ass. At least now they get to live the life of a celebrity. Kill college sports and you're either in the NFL or you're nobody. Enjoy!
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Need to ditch the idea of semi-pro college sports. Just takes spots away from deserving individuals (even other athletes) in order to generate revenue. Doesn't mean there shouldn't be college sports or even fun rivalries, but we shouldn't be populating universities with people who have no business in a university.

If they really want the current situation to continue, they should just be honest about it and create paid, pro college-level teams with an option to attend the university if you actually qualify, or other more individual appropriate education opportunities (i.e. adjunct trade schools associated with the University).

Putting meat heads into a University doesn't benefit anyone except the university.

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