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Default Super Bowl XLVPRII3: Choking the Seachickens

How to win against the Seahawks Man-Cover 3?

First and foremost, with a dozen sacks coming from their back seven, Denver needs to have their protection schemes properly prepared to handle the blitz. Fortunately, Manning/Gase/Ramirez and company are the best in the business in this regard, allowing a league low 20 sacks throughout the regular season (despite lining up against the likes of JJ Watt, Robert Mathis, Suggs and Dumervil, etc) and none throughout the AFC playoffs.

Now, what is Man-Cover 3? A traditional cover 3 has both corners and the free safety covering a deep third. In this coverage, the corners cannot allow someone to slip behind them in coverage as the safety couldn't realistically get to the ball in time, so you see corners surrendering the underneath stuff and not breaking on short routes until the ball is in the air. In Seattle, however, Earl Thomas is so damn good, corners are able to break and squat on the underneath routes, giving the defense more man-coverage elements... and weaknesses.

Despite the Icarus-esque parallels of flying too close to the sun, as opposed to the traditional “shut down corner”, Richard Sherman does not travel. While I have no doubts that Manning and DT/Decker are very capable of melting his wings and drubbing him out of the “Best Corner in the league” nonsense, this presents a substantial amount of superior matchup opportunities for Denver’s immensely talented, base 11-personnel package.

Denver excels at attacking the underneath stuff (a weakness of the cover 3) and grabbing YAC yards in chunks. Expect the latter to be limited by the fundamentally-sound, solid tackling Seahawks defense, but far from eliminated as our monstrous receivers will minimally be able to continue falling forward for a couple more yards.

I would expect Denver to attack those “deep-third”s with some deep crosses out of Twins formations (twins away from Sherman—Sherman is a cerebral player who is easily capable of disguising his coverage pre-snap and baiting our receivers into the wrong read stemming into their route). This will not only isolate Maxwell and Rapist Cox (if Demaryius lines up opposite Cox, do they play “Smell my finger” before the snap?), but it will also force some last second decisions by the corner and mid-field safety (Earl Thomas), and likely result in at least one big play. The Broncos would be wise to send Julius deep mid-field to threaten and hold the safety.

Much more at awful-hack website:

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