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Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post
Kind of puts the Bush ass kissers in a double bind, no?

According to its apologists, the official account is unassailable, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Anyone who suggests otherwise is a "troofer" lunatic.

But the chairman of the investigative body upon whose findings the official account is founded claims there was a cover-up and that we need to reopen the investigation.

Therefore, either (a) the official story is NOT unassailable or (b) Graham is simply a "troofer" (the upshot of which is the same as "a.")

In any event, Michael Moore was right all along and these lemmings were wrong. Kudos to Moore also for speaking out in "Fahrenheit 911" at a time when it was decidedly unpopular to question the Bush Misadministration.
I didn't see Moore's film, but I don't recall seeing any mention in the reviews that he accused the Bush Administration of demolishing the WTCs as the planes hit, or that they had any involvement in orchestrating 911.

Those are the foundations of troofer nonsense.

The call to release the censored pages is another matter. Those pages imply Saudi funding and subsequent cover up by the Bush administration, according to the Post story.

A very different but still a serious accusation.
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Either way, the apologists for the official BushCo account have maintained that the commission report is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Those people look kind of silly now.
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Wayne Madsen interview -- on Saudi and Israeli involvement in 9/11
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