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Broder: Hey, should I put 1 gallon of gas in, or fill up the tank?
Car Company: Well, if you want to go more than 32 miles, you better put more than 1 gallon in.
Broder: **** it, I'll just put in one gallon

*car guns out of gas after 51 miles*

Broder: OMG I ran out of gas before making it 61 miles. What a POS car!
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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post

The suit for libel was for (as the company admits) staged "out of power" segment on which implied that the Tesla ran out of power during testing and had only a 55mi range (against a stated 200+) on "Top Gear".

"Of course, Top Gear admitted the car they pushed wasn't out of batteries but that it was done for effect and that it is completely true that the car would have run out at 55 miles of track time. Producer Andy Wilman defended their actions by basically saying "Duh, it's a television show" and accusing Tesla of trying to use them for press."

FYI: Top Gear was NOT driving the Tesla Roadster under the conditions where it would get the stated 200mi range. They were pushing it to its limits on a track. Guess what, when you take a petrol car out and do 0-60 tests and run it 120mph around a track, it's range gets drastically reduced too. As for 55mi? they never gave any information on how they figured that, so there's really nothing to go on.

Musk overstepped a few things, but not on the key issue: Broder purposefully charged the car to only 32 miles and attempted a 61 mile journey (explicity against advice from Tesla and basic common sense), despite the car telling him he would not make it. He admits this is what he did. He set up the "failure" in order to get a "story". Your article (which I've read before) does not dispute that fact.
Now watch as things evolve:

Beavis: "Ha, they had to sue Top Gear for libel!"

Fed: "Yeah, and they pretty much were guilty of it."

Beavis: "Well duh, it's a tv show..."
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Meh. Anyone can.

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But Mr Justice Tugendhat, in a ruling handed down at the high court on Thursday, dismissed Tesla's attempt to amend a previous libel claim which was struck out last October.

Tugendhat said Tesla's amendment was "not capable of being defamatory at all, or, if it is, it is not capable of being a sufficiently serious defamatory meaning to constitute a real and substantial tort".

He added that "as any reasonable motorist knows, a manufacturer's statement about the range of a motor vehicle is always qualified by a statement as to the driving conditions under which that range may be expected.

"For example, one range may be given for urban driving, and another for other conditions. But such statements are rarely, if ever, given to the public by reference to racing on a test track."

In a statement following today's ruling, the BBC said: "We are pleased Mr Justice Tugendhat has ruled in favour of the BBC on both the issues before the court, first in striking out Tesla's libel claim against the BBC; and secondly in describing Tesla's malicious falsehood claim as so 'gravely deficient' it too could not be allowed to proceed."
. The 55 mile sports track supercar! Queue Elon: "But you should've set the cruise to 45 and turned off the heat!"

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