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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
I still don't understand why people point to the cold as the main reason we lost against Baltimore and NE. Yes, we are not AS GOOD in the cold, but its not THE REASON we lost. Its such a simple man's argument.
Well there's a few things that happen when it's really cold. For one, people are DEAD wrong when they say it Manning loses strength in the cold. Extreme heat is when you lose strength. They've done studies where they'll work an athlete in extreme heat and he wears out fast, then they put this weird cold glove on just a single hand which drops the core temperature and the athlete actually regains strength and stamina quite fast. So as far as stamina and strength is concerned, cold is actually better then heat. That said, the cold takes it's toll in other places. The ball obviously gets harder and more stiff and it's hard to grasp it really good. Larger hands usually means a QB will have an easier time throwing the ball well in very cold conditions. I've also seen somebody say that practicing in the cold won't help. That's BS as well. When you practice in the cold, you can adjust to how hard the ball is and you tweak certain things. I'm not saying it makes a huge difference but how could it not help at least to some degree. As well, the air in the ball as well as outside the ball, when it's colder, is more dense and the ball falls to the ground faster. That's just science. When you practice enough in these conditions, you get used to the ball being harder, and the ball not flying quite as far as it normally would. It's not a huge difference but on a 40 yard pass, it might equate to a yard or 2 and that could make all the difference in the world when you're trying to fit the ball in tight windows. When you have a cannon for an arm, obviously it's not going to affect those types of guys as much, but we all know PM doesn't really have a cannon, so yes, practicing in the cold will definitely help him. Then you have the psychological part as well. I just don't see how anybody could say not practicing or playing in these conditions doesn't help you. The more cold weather games PM plays in, the better prepared he will be late in the season I believe.
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