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Originally Posted by WakeUpCall View Post
Yeah, 1969! There's a culture of "calm while your kids are getting murdered" with our ownership group (they think it makes them look good or something), so they "take the high road" and under-react and by the time it's all said and done we're out of it again. Our owner is on the beach in Fiji slamming it to some girl, and we hear another prepared "middle of the road" speech.

Trust me, we've had faith in the past and the Hunts took this city to the cleaners. This is what you get when your owner is a Hunt.

And you saw it, there's just nothing that Jesus Christ could fix. Our Oline is just bad at every position, or WRs can't get separation and catch, oue resident stoner is too stupid to catch the ball with his hands and the DB have an easy time knocking the ball away (yeah, we miss TG STILL), and then we have a QB that'll so ANYTHING to make sure he can at least say he didn't turn it over! Even Andy won't try a 64 yarder AT MILE HIGH! I get it, it's a low percentage shot, but giving the ball to happy feet Alice Smuff isn't going to work. Not that this Oline was going to give him time to even attempt a hail Mary! So why not try the FG? Just dumb!

Are you kidding me, there's just to much fail on offense to fix. The D is fine, the loss of Mike DeVito will hurt a lot, but few of us thought the D could make up for the weak O we're stuck with (for years to come I'm assuming). So enjoy the division, I think it's yours for a while to come.
I can empathize with you. I am a fan of the Colorado Avalanche, its been miserable since 2007. I don't claim to know much about the chiefs, so I did a Google search on Alex Smith contract, he's only under contract two more years. with none of it guaranteed. however, looks as though he's going to be long term due to the 2 second rounder's given up.
if it were me and I felt they would never get it turned around I wouldn't invest so much time into the team.It's not worth it.
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