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Default DWWBW...20 and counting now

I posted on this in here several years ago here:

That was 13 (yes THIRTEEN) incidents ago...making the total now 20 since I started counting, probably 4 or 5 more before that. What is DWWBW? Google the acronym and nothing shows up, while the actual phrase "Driving while with a black woman" appears only twice on the web according to Google, and one was in my previous post in here. But check this out: It's going on all over, especially with the Cro Magnons in places like Texas.

This time it happened in a south suburban Dallas suburb (Lancaster) where I was traveling on the interstate service road with a 24 year old black woman who happens to be a business colleague, a CPA who does tax analysis on collaborative business projects for me. Most often it's been with my wife though. Pulled over this time for a phantom tail light violation, my vehicle was searched both inside and in the trunk (illegal) without my permission, but get this...6 (yes SIX) cops and a drug sniffing dog went through it for 25 minutes, damaging the globe box in the process. During this racial profiling incident, the woman was taken aside and asked the usual battery of questions; how do you know this guy, who is he to you, where are you going, where are you coming from, do you know his telephone number, what's his address, does he sell drugs, where does he work?...etc, ...while I got the same questions put to me about her, not once but twice as different faces and badge numbers tried to find a hole in the story to no avail.

So after being ARRESTED on the phantom tail light violation (yep not ticketed ARRESTED), I decided to sit this **** out in jail rather than give these people the satisfaction of extorting a dime out of me. Three days later I showed up at the PD to reclaim my belongings and requested 1) names & badge numbers of all officers engaged in the search, a copy of the police car dashboard video and the phone number for the department's internal affairs department. The cop on duty told me the dashcam video was $3 and available to be picked up in a few days...until I then added my final request; a Texas Public Information Act request of the city's federal reporting statistics on racial profiling reporting in the last 5 years. Upon receiving this information, a 15 minute conference ensued with three suits in the back office, at which time I was then told that the Texas AG's office would have to approve me getting the dashcam video now...$1000 says it won't show the search.

But I've had enough of this bull****...and having had a peak at the first installment of the reports...the 2012 version, in which they claim that in over 4,000 traffic stops exactly ZERO occurred with prior knowledge of the driver's race...I'm going after these jackasses with a civil suit.

Meanwhile...this state continues to Jim Crow itself and show their ass. So I've go me a great idea for an app to stop this crap. PM me if you are a LINUX developer please...
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