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Default What is up with Republicans?

They don't get their way and they start whining and crying and wanting to succeed. LMAO..WTH.... You know when you don't have the votes to stop something then you choose to compromise on it and make it the best you can. You don't threaten to pick up your toys and go play somewhere else.

When you are not getting what you what you change and adapt you strategy on how to win over voters you don't double down on the same tired, worn our things you are trying now and failing at...

Just a note, this voter suppression you are trying is going to backfire fantastically. You guys have just motivated the base of the Dems for the next generation.

Here is the latest example

Can’t beat the Democrats? Must be time to secede

Benjy Sarlin, @benjysarlin

It’s a difficult time for Republicans in Colorado. Democrats are in complete control of state government after the 2012 elections and they’re using their majorities to push through an avalanche of progressive legislation, from new gun control laws to stricter alternative energy requirements. Three years ago, Weld County district attorney Ken Buck ran for Senate comparing homosexuality to alcoholism, a remark that helped cost him the race. Today the speaker of the state house of representatives is openly gay and Gov. John Hickenlooper recently signed a law legalizing civil unions.

If you’re a Republican official in the rural eastern half of the state, you could take the party’s implosion as a sign the GOP needs to find a more moderate message that can win back swing voters in the populous Denver suburbs. Or you might decide it’s time to pack it in.

That’s the route Republican county officials across the plains are taking, where a proposal to secede and form the 51st state is gaining momentum. On Monday, the Weld County commission voted unanimously to pursue secession by putting the issue on the ballot in November. Elected officials and activists in nine other northeastern rural counties are discussing the idea as well, with some dissenters backing a more “moderate” approach of trying to allocate state representatives by land instead of population. The new state (East Colorado? North Colorado? Great Plainistan?) would include about 154,000 voters, per The New Republic’s Nate Cohn, making it the least populous in the country.

For the full whine fest click here:

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