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Originally Posted by epicSocialism4tw View Post
Its pretty simple really. Its people with common interests in limiting the scope of government. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you dont like getting parking tickets in the mail from video ticketing, if you dont like watching your taxes increase, if you dont like the IRS, if you dont like the Fed, if you dont like expansive government power and regulation, if you dont like foreign wars, if you dont like out-of-touch politicians telling you to tighten your belt while they shave their share off the top of your tax dollars, if you dont like having to get your crotch grabbed to get on a plane, if you dont like increasing police powers, if you dont like your tax dollars being wasted, if you dont like an impersonal bureaucracy telling you what to do, if you dont want the government telling you what to eat, if you dont want the government forcing you to spend money on things you dont're probably alot more similar to the people in the TEA party than you realize.

And if those are your interests as well, you'd be better off with them than you would either the R's or the D's.

The R's and D's are faces of the same interational conglomerate military machine. Its time to cut them loose and to rebuild our country ourselves.
So what are you doing about it then, besides starting threads on the OM?
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Didn't want to start a new thread, so chose to bump this one so dramallama can post in this thread under two different names...

Anyone, an interesting question to ponder is whether or not the Tea Party will die off when Obama is no longer president.

According to Parker and Barreto, 91 percent of Tea Party supporters hold negative opinions of Obama. (This beats the 82 percent who hold negative views of illegal immigrants, and, even more tellingly, the 85 percent who report a preference for limited government.) Sixty-seven percent of Tea Party supporters believe that Obama is a socialist, and 71 percent think he will destroy the country. Destroy the country! In contravention of basic, established facts, solid majorities do not believe that he is a Christian (71 percent) or that he was born in the United States (59 percent). Parker and Barreto take pains to distinguish these views from those of non-Tea Party conservatives, and to ensure—by means of regression analysis—that Tea Party affinity, and not some other factor like support for the Republican Party, accounts for the figures.
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