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Originally Posted by 55CrushEm View Post
I'm no fool. I'm as objective as I can be on the "Tebow thing".....I have no dog in the fight, as you apparently do. If it makes you happy to see Tebow fail......good for you. I really don't care. If either a "Tebowner" or a Tebow-hater makes a ridiculous comment, I'll argue it.

I will say that I root for the guy, only cause I think he's a good guy. Nothing more. I have no reason to WANT the guy to fail. His work-ethic and attitude alone are inspiring.....yes, even ON the football field, which you apparently disagree with. In fact, sometimes it's MORE inspiring to see a LESS talented player (in this case Tebow) work so hard to achieve.....than it is to see the more talented players SIMPLY ACHIEVE.

That's where you and I differ. You apparently think that PRODUCTION (points, yards) out of your QB is the only thing that can INSPIRE teammates. It's not. Determination and attitude DO inspire people. Is it more inspiring to see Michael Phelps win the 200 meter freestyle.....or to see a paraplegic, swim 50 feet on their own?? I would argue the latter.

As far as Denver's locker room being fractured.....who knows? Are you seriously suggesting that when Tebow came in the second half of that San Diego game, and nearly pulled off an incredible comeback, that our locker room got WORSE from that point?

And don't even bring up the Jets.....they were/are a mess all around. From boisterous Rex, to dirty Sanchez and all the other degenerates. You really want to blame the Jets season all on Tebow?? That's a cop out.
I believe you should have responded with, "Yes, I am a f%cking fool"
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