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This doesnít tell us anything definitive about the entire set of groups that got special scrutiny. If the whole set is similar to the approved set, then about two-thirds were conservative and one-third liberalómost likely because of the boom in new tea party groups in 2010. But thatís just a guess. One thing isnít a guess, however: Two-thirds of the groups who were approved for tax-exempt status were conservative. If the IRS was on a partisan witch hunt against conservative groups, thatís sure an odd way of showing it, isnít it?
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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
More administrative Slobknobbing. Not surprising. Here's why this line of argument can't add up...

3. No tea party group applications for non-profit status were approved for 27 months, staring in February 2010, while numerous liberal groups sailed through the process, USA Today reported this week.

Perhaps it will emerge that of the 202 non-tea party groups whose applications are being held up, a large number are liberal or progressive. But the fact that the tea party BOLO was the only search term with a political focus during this time period suggests that's unlikely.
You can't make the argument that the issue was one of proportionality when the number of Tea Party apps that were cleared during the targeting was Zero. 0. None. With no explanation. All we know is they specifically searched for them and then placed them in regulation purgatory.

Meanwhile numerous more-progressive political-looking 501 applications sailed through. It's just sad that your stream of excuses means these same simple points need to be gone over again and again. Even the IRS knows this was discriminatory. It's all on the table. But you keep dancin' this thing back and forth between "They didn't really do anything wrong" and "You can't prove Obama knew nuttin!" Can we decide which line of defense you're taking once and for all and just work it from there?
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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
I was waiting for someone to post this Daily Caller garbage. Here's a complete dismantling of this nonsense. What a joke.
why do you have such a pathetic existence that you were "waiting for someone to post this "Daily Caller Garbage" on the 'Mane? You really need to seek some professional attention...............And that goes for anyone else who is just waiting for someone to make a point just so that you can offer your 'counter point' on the Orangemane.....
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