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Default Syrian war is escalating. Syrian forces and Hezzbolah attack border town together in heavy fighting

ISTANBUL- Bolstered by Russia, Iran and regional Shiite forces, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces have been making steady gains against the rebels over the past weeks. They are by no means about to win the civil war, which has claimed more than 90,000 lives in just over two years (not least because much of northern Syria remains in opposition hands), but if a peace push next month, sponsored jointly by the United States and Russia, fails, it is very likely that the chaos will grow further and perhaps spill into neighboring countries

On Sunday, units of the Syrian army and the Lebanese Hezbollah launched an attack on the town of Qusayr near the Lebanese

border, resulting in what Reuters described as "the heaviest fighting yet involving [the] Lebanese armed group". As of Sunday night, it appeared that the fall of the town, which straddles a major smuggling route contested by the rebels and Hezbollah, would only be a matter of days or hours.

Ok so basically now its Lebanon and Syria, backed be Russia and Iran battling Al Queda rebels and other islamic extremists backed I guess by the USA and NATO? Are we backing them? aren't we? does anyone really know? But with the way this govt handled Egypt and Libya you wonder if they do anything or just sit back and watch the chaos unfold. Is it a genius plan or is Obama playing with a dangerous foreign policy?

90 thousand dead. When Isreal bombs are the helping assad or the rebels or themselves? Its possible they fear the rebels more. At least with Hezzbollah they know how to make deals with. You know take a prisoner, we give you some of ours and we call it even. Then we fire some missiles here and there. But with Assad gone who knows what crazy govt would take over.

What a friggin mess. Funny thinking back to one of my favorite movies THE BEST OF TIMES with Kurt Russel and Robin Williams. When they try and say something smart out to dinner with wives by saying. Wow the middle east. What a mess! its always a ****ing mess! I guess a peace effort will be made but its obvious without bigtime help from the USA this thing is not going to end well for the rebels. Not with the Soviets....ERRRRRRR I mean the Russians stepping up and putting their reputation on the line.

If I was Putin I would look at it this way. Unless we save Assad we can't influence other 2 bit dictators to side with Russian influence. If he does save them he can tell other leader see I will stand up to the Americans and NATO. Egypt and Libya not aligned close with us and they paid the price. Syria chose wisely and Assad strengthens his grip. The Alwawites are saved by the I mean the Russians.
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