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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
No. The Census Bureau projects that in the 2040s America will be a minority majority nation.

Considering that, plus how unpopular the GOP is with minorities. . . they will fight a lot of tough battles in areas that are traditionally strongholds of theirs that have very rapidly rising immigrant/ethnic populations. States like Arizona, Texas, etc. will come in play. Texas would be a huge loss for the R's because it has been a stronghold for them for ages. However, with the rising Hispanic demographic there (and what it accounts for in voting % -- which will only increase as population increases) they are going to have trouble.

It really is just common sense. They will do their best (probably this next election) to put a guy like Rubio or Jindal on the ticket to try and shake away the old, angry white man stigma -- but the stigma will continue to exist, and it won't help them because their reasons for doing it will be self-evident. It is hard (and going to be almost impossible) to wipe away decades of social/domestic policy and rhetoric which demonized different people.

Just my thoughts.
No, you're absolutely right. The only way the Republican Party can remain legitimate long-term is to espouse some of the social ideas of the libertarians and oust the extremists from the platform. This will mean getting rid of the anti-gay, anti-abortion, and religiously radical views in their party.

You're already starting to see it with the comments made by guys like Jindal, Christie and even Priebus. But then you have guys like Ted Cruz who are nothing more than saber rattlers supported by the tea party radicals. The Republicans are at about the 1855 stage of their Civil War. Everyone knows its coming:; all it will take is the wrong person earning the nomination to set off the fireworks.
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