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Don't see a problem with universal background checks - if it makes it a little harder for a crazy person to buy a gun - I think its worth it. I'm under no illusions that this will solve a gun/murder problem - I think there are other big problems related that we don't take care of.

Mental health /social worker services in the US are pretty pathetic right now - increasing cuts to these types of programs doesn't help the situation. I have a family member who is having issues - luckily she has a lot of family support, but I can't imagine what would happen to her if she had to rely on public services as they have been decimated. Case workers/facilities are inundated with people who need help, and so many who need help are left to fend for themselves.

Mass murders won't be prevented by arming everyone to the teeth in schools, nor will gun control laws. I think we need to take a closer look at identifying mental health issues and providing necessary treatment. Our media and pols focus so much on guns - when we should be focusing on root causes and on people and how to help people conquer their demons so they don't go over the cliff and kill.
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