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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Fun example of the epic bull**** being spread here...

Do you realize that the entire VA budget and military pension spending combined doesn't equal $300 billion a year?
Yep, which is why I didn't claim that. As indicated, that $300 is (granted, an off the cuff est) a sum of all of the indirect costs of those wars/yr.

(and btw, VA+pensions comes to about 250bn/yr total).

Pensions: $100bn

And lumping predicted future interest in is nice and all, but in a fair comparison, factoring interest wold increase our trillion dollar budget deficits far more. But I doubt you want to go there.
Nothing about "predicted future interest", some portion of the current interest is due to defense spending. What portion it is, of course, is a hard ting to determine, but you don't rack up trillions (even one) in borrowing without hefty interest payments.

Again, I'm citing Brown which is taking a deep look into direct and indirect costs, and you counter with the CBO that is, by their own admission, only counting DIRECT costs (i.e. funds specifically appropriated to the DoD).

To imply/claim the direct costs are the only costs ( a position to put forward and are apparently still trying to defend -- correct me if I'm wrong) is ****ing ridiculous.
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