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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Leave the strawmen alone, please.
It isn't. You repeatedly make the suggestion, so it's reasonable to assume it's your own idea.

At least ~100,000 families have to deal with the aftermath of irresponsible gun ownership. The Lanzas are far from alone.
Same could be said about booze. Let's get ADT in the hizzouse.

Leave the strawmen alone, please.

Since criminals by definition break the law, perhaps we shouldn't have any laws?
I made no strawman statement there. Forcing unreasonable locks on guns is unconstitutional, period. It's been ruled as such.

Leave the strawmen alone, please.
No, the left routinely say "mind your damned business." That is no strawman. That's just reality. Before the screaming left in the 60s came along doing that, people were much more involved in their communities and neighborhoods, watching what all the kids were up to. Now it's "mind your effing business you effing b--."

And since I'm not a lefty anymore...

What would you do if your kid was a frequent visitor to such a house? What's more important - your child's safety or this person's irresponsible use of his RKBA?
Why would I allow my child to go there? I'd also inquire with the local police.

Well then, you're speaking from ignorance. Don't be such an armchair dork.
So then the woman that survived the Killeen massacre whose testimony I already posted at the top of page 1 in this thread is "an armchair dork." After all, she said what I did. That makes no sense. Further, it's not an argument against CCW, if that's what you're trying to make. With CCW, at least those folks in that theater would have had a fighting chance, and that's the bottom line.

Unless and until one practices such a scenario, time and again, until the proper reaction becomes nearly instinctual and a matter of muscle memory, pat pronouncements of "I'd cap the sucker and not be a sheep" is just misplaced bravado and assholitude.
No, it isn't. It's happened plenty of times. People have used CCW successfully in many situations, stop hiding your head in the ground. Some videos of such instances have been posted here, most recently the 70 year old man in Florida that shot a thug and ran the others off. You seem to be intent on ignoring valid instances of it being effective choosing to focus on slamming someone for considering it may be effective.
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