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Originally Posted by bendog View Post
I don't want a lot of 7 step drops. I like Franklin as a road grader, but peyton has a bad neck.
I hear ya. The author mentions that the 3 and 5 step were the focus of the Manning offense in Indy. But if our O-line is better than Indy's, as the author suggests, some 7 step can perhaps be included.
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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Gort View Post
yours is the classic response i'd expect on the OM. setup a strawman and refute it. ignore the actual post.

let's try again. forget Tebow for a moment.

was the 2010 team a playoff caliber team?
was the 2011 team a playoff caliber team with Orton?

if you answered "yes" to either of those questions, this conversation is over and ends with me facepalming at you.

is the 2012 team essentially the same team that Orton played with, only with Manning in his place?

if you answered "no" to this question, this conversation is over and ends with me facepalming at you.

if you get to this point, then please explain to me how Manning and Manning alone suddenly elevates a really bad team (4-12 and then 1-4) all the way to SB contender status. if your answer is "everybody will play better, because you know, it's Peyton Manning and he's AWESOME and he releases the ball in 200 microseconds", then again, this conversation is over and you're a dumbass.

if you think you can explain how Manning by himself makes an OL that struggled with pass blocking last year (both with and without Tebow) and with young, inexperienced receivers (of which one has left for Sandy Eggo) that have never worked with Manning before, then please do.

also, how do we fill the holes on the defense? through the draft? we have deficiencies at DT (2 of them) and LB (1 or 2 of them depending how you feel about DJ Williams) and CB.

somehow, this FO needs to fill 3 or 4 holes this year with guys who we can rely on for the next 2-3 years. that's assuming we won't be competing for a SB in 2012. then next year, they have to do the same... fill 3 or 4 more holes so that come 2013, we are really a SB contender.

can you show me any offseason where we drafted 3 or 4 guys who became solid, established starters in their 1st or 2nd seasons in the league?
DEN went 13-3 and were the top seed in the AFC. Everything I said in my post that would happen with Manning came true. I think you owe me an apology
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