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Originally Posted by COWheatGrower View Post
It's so funny how much McDickless supporters will go out of their way to defend his pitiful performances.

I have even heard excuses for the Rams' No. 32 offensive showing in 2011. I don't care how poor the talent level is, a capable offensive coordinator finds a way to generate production better than 32. There's no defending being dead last, which the Rams were by a wide margin.
McDaniels seems to have serious problems leading men... in Beli's system with the kind of players he gets and with Belli carrying him in the leadership department it's probably not an issue.. but any other team it seems to be. McDaniels could be a great college coach though because they have more control and don't have to take BS from the players. Look at Saban... it was like night and day and he seems to not to want back into the NFL at all.
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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
If this is true what is the point of having an OC at all?

There was an article about how the pats call in the plays quickly in their speed version of the no huddle based on options Brady is sent in over the head set and at the line, those are usually run plays or hot routes. They got away from this very early in the game, you would have seen this if you watched it.

I highly doubt Brady would have audibled out of all of mCd perfect plays into plays that failed.

It came down to execution just like our loss did. The fact that the Ravens were able to learn what the Pats were trying to do then cheat into better positions to break up their plays just proves that no adjustments (which mCd admitted to not believing in during a Bronco Presser) were made. Ravens had 2-3 bat downs at the LOS late in the 4th quarter.

Also if you watched the game you would have noticed that when the Ravens went up 15 with like 8-9 minutes to go they dropped into deeper coverages taking away the quick strike, something Milus should have instructed our Safeties to do last game. When the Pats got inside the Ravens 30 the Ravens clamped down and were able to force a turnover on downs, a batted INT and a straight INT.

mCd has always been a great garbage time coach, even Orton looked great with the game out of reach. It was what they didn't do with the game in reach that hurt them.

To endlessly defend a guy who continues to fail at his last 3 stops just because you don't want to be wrong about him is insane.
if for no other reason than to design a game plan, that is something that should not fall on the QB's shoulders alone. But we all know that Brady plays much the same as Manning does, calling it on the fly..

you said it all in that sentence the rest was superfluous..

I'm hardly wrong about him, I just do not have a hardon for him like most do.. he had flaws and he had good ideas....
IMO he was done an injustice by saddling him with an existing front office, that seemed to still be in a mikey mode..

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