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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
There is one thing you are missing though.. the game shouldn't even have been close.. if not for Peyton's 3 turnovers you would have blown them out. Peyton was atrocious and he looked like he did't belong on a NFL field... It only bothers me because Elway has you and everyone else snowjobbed. People like Elway shouldn't get away with this crap.

It's funny you are convinced I am Tebow's brother justt because I see the same thing. Heck.. if someone as goody two shoes has inside knowledge of what went on and says Elway deserves bad karma it should clue you into what went down and still is going down. How can the media not see this too? Having the Tebow's against you is like the Osmond family having a blood vendetta against you.. you must be a evil bastard.
You miss Everything MacGruder! You're completely trapped in your sanctimonious worship of all things Tebow like a 1950's teenage girl fawning all over Elvis ... Though he had a lot more going for than the Tebow family. Tim is a nice kid, though naive as they come and far from the brightest lamp in the forest.

I'm afraid you've hooked your star to a sinking ship as far as Timmy ever again playing as a true starting QB in the NFL, except perhaps in the remote possibility he gets on the field again as some desperate team's back up or a few plays here and there as a change up wild cat like QB from time to time.

The odds are high that he won't even be in the league in the next two years, if indeed someone gives him one more flyer to make a team this year.

His only chance to sustain any relevance at all in this league is if he can finally truly humble himself enough to realize he is NOT and never will be a consistent successful NFL starting QB..

Jesus isn't gonna bail him out, it was a fun ride for 7 weeks last year where his ineptitude during the first 50 minutes of most of those wins was almost serendipitously matched by his zeal and desire to pull it together at the very end enough to help the real stars of last season... The Defense... Finally pull themselves out of the hole Tebow had largely dug for the team in the first 50 minutes of most games.

It's little coincidence the wheels came off the Tebow wagon after Von Millers injury shut down our pass rush for the most part the last 4 games and right after the Pats showed the rest of the NFL how to defuse Tebow 's 'Miracle' mirage.

We squeaked by a severely disabled Big Ben and the rest of The Steelers with a decent 12 yard throw in overtime by Tim and an Outstanding catch and 80 yard TD sprint by DT...

The following week the Pats re-confirmed Reality that Tebow was going to have an extremely difficult time trying to come anywhere close to those 7 fun weeks we all enjoyed while the defenses of the NFL readjusted to The college read option spread ...

It's clear MacGruder you'll never see, realize and least of all acknowledge what the rest of Bronco nation and the NFL already has come to terms with about the nice young man Tim Tebow with regard to his future under center in this league.

You can lead an deluded horse to water but you can't make him drink...

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