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Malik Jackson
Default Obama Sworn In

I will now play Nostradamus and tell you what America will look like four years from now.

In four years, the top five percent or so will be richer than they are now. Their lobbyists will win them more tax breaks and more deregulation. The overwhelming majority of Americans, who have no lobbyists working for them, will be worse off than they are now. More legislation will be written to favor whatever it is corporations want to do and the downward pressures and weakening of labor rights will continue.

Prices will go up while wages stagnate or drop. The working man's taxes will continue to go up, either through sneaky regulations, manipulation of currency, sales tax, or whatever. The majority will not be able to keep up with the rising price index on just about everything, especially commodities. More will do without what they used to take for granted. A box of cereal will be called an "envelope" of cereal, and will cost twice as much. In other words, the majority will continue to fall behind. Education and infrastructure will get worse as more wealth is shoveled to the rich. Expect more falling bridges like we had in Minnesota. Health insurance will continue to skyrocket and the mansions of insurance executives will proliferate. There will be a new place to send American troops in the name of corporate America and the military industrial complex. Who knows where? But it will be absolute necessary and urgent to respond to the terrifying crisis. Meanwhile, Guantanamo flourishes and drone technology gets improved. Soon to be flying over a neighborhood near you!

There will be numerous and sundry natural disasters, storms, forest fires, etc. Many will be killed. Many will lose their homes. Americans will continue to convince themselves that it's all just random bull**** that has nothing to do with the manner in which we live. Who knows? Maybe we'll see another major crop failure, like the flooding of the wheat crop in Pakistan that drove the Arab Spring?

In the media, there will be a continuous stream of deafening, relentless blather, argument, paranoia, and sham political free speech. You will be coerced to care deeply about invisible girlfriends, missing children, the new survivor, another sexy teacher fooling around with her students, or heinous murder after heinous murder. Politicians will rail, spit, holler, scream, flail in righteous indignation, accuse and deny accusations, and we will all stand, hand over our breasts, and salute the flag, secure in the knowledge that we is the bestest and the greatest symbol of feudalism to ever exist.

Ooops. Wait a minute. That's not it. That we are the land of the free and the home of the brave. Yeah. That's the ticket.

And Obama's last term will be as meaningful, and bring about as much change, as the transition from Bush to Obama was...

same as it ever was.

And in four years, a grey haired Obama will wave from the door of Marine One, on the way to a long retirement of golf with Clinton and Dubya at Augusta National and a nice retirement mansion in Maui. He will flash the V for victory, as the new president, Mitt Romney, candidate of change, moves in. Wall Street and the offshore banking industry will wipe a collective tear from their eye and get ready for the new regime. Hail Augustus!

Enjoy the game, sportsfans.

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