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Bronco Yoda
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Originally Posted by Armchair Bronco View Post
I wonder what Sherman said to Trent Williams to provoke the b**** slap?

"Yo momma tastes like Frankenberry"
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Rod Smith

SEAttle fans cried that the refs cheated them out of Superbowl XL even though they stunk up the joint with their offense....
Then they praise the refs for helping them beat GB on Fail Mary.
Idiot fan base
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The old AFC west rivalry means I can never get on Seattles bandwagon
even though I've lived up here for 30 years. To me they will always be the Hee-hawks.

They do have a good team this year..But Carroll coaches them to play up to and beyond the whistle, making them, in all, a DIRTY team. They always try to intimidate the other teams players and get a reaction to try to draw PFs. Usually its the Seattle players that start it.

No, I don't like Seattle at ALL.
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Armchair Bronco

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Originally Posted by Flex Gunmetal View Post
Sherman was miced up for the game.
He asked Williams what he was going to do.
Williams told him he was gonna punch him in the face.
Sherman then demanded that Williams "do it den".
So he did it.
Originally Posted by vancejohnson82 View Post
from the Mic'd up I saw the Redskins lineman walked up to Sherman and said, "Im gonna punch you"

Sherman said, "Go ahead bro"

and got slapped
Looks like we're already in the realm of the urban myth.

Bottom line: The only thing bigger than Sherman's mouth is his play! The fact that he didn't get selected to the Pro Bowl is a freakin' joke.
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