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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Good post. But I can't believe Doom is the only name you dropped on DL when Neil Smith was hanging around. DL would be a tough call for me (overall). Especially factoring Pryce in as well. 98 wasn't as great at pass rush, but I wish we were as stout v the run nowadays.
Actually...we are. We allow the exact same yard per attempt as the 1998 team.
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Originally Posted by ColoradoDarin View Post
We can't cover TE's right now. Who on our defense would stop Sharpe? That opens up the running game for TD.

98 wins in a shoot out 42-35. And that's not a knock against the 12 team. That team was so dominant that most games were over by halftime.

Yea they was . Never will forget the Dallas game where Terrell had like back to back 60 yard TD runs and was benched by halftime lol ...

Their weapons complemented each other so well.
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Here's how our other 13-3 teams fared in post season....

1984 - lost divisional playoff game to Steelers 24-17

1996 - lost divisional playoff game to Jaguars 30-27

2005 - won divisional playoff game vs. Patriots 27-13, lost AFCCG to Steelers 34-17
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It's a fair comparison, since 98 was the last time we were the AFC #1 seed. The 98 O-line was great, but the current O-line knows how to do their job. Interestingly enough, Tebow takes some credit. They had to hold their blocks, until Tebow found some ground he wanted to hit. Holding their blocks for a future Hall of Fame quarterback is a cinch, compared to what they just endured...
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Chris Harris

If we have to play by today's rules, that 98 team would get their ass kicked by this team. TD was great and they were damn near unstoppable but teams have adjusted to the zone blocking scheme since then and Atwater and company wouldnt be able to lay wood like they did back then.

Sharpe, while awesome for his era, would not be a matchup nightmare for this era. He's basically a slower version of DT.

And Rod and McCaffery were great, loved both players, but neither one of them had the pure skills that DT and Decker have. Both Decker and DT are significantly more athletic than Rod and Eddie were.

Elway in his last year while still cunning and dangerous, was not the Elway of the late 80s and early 90s. Manning now appears to be every bit as good as he has ever been.

Neil Smith was a rental and at the twilight of his career. Romo was a beast but Cadrez and Mobley were average LBs. I cant even remember the rest of the guys up front but I'll take this front seven over that front seven. And I'll take this secondary over that secondary. Champ and Harris actually cover and tackle and both are good at shedding WR blocks. Safeties arent as good but are more than servicable.

No one on that 98 team would be able to cover DT and Decker AND play by the current rule system. This 2012 team would have a better shot of shutting down the passing game than the 98 team would and while I doubt anyone could have stopped TD, Atlanta did a decent job of limiting his success so it was certainly possible.
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If we win it all this year I'd have to say this team. There's alot of kids on this team playing out of their minds. Young players that have stepped up in their positions that alot didnt expect.
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Old 01-01-2013, 11:15 AM   #32
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... They would not let me even consider reading this thread at this time...
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Originally Posted by Vine View Post
Well, lets compare the units.

P/K- Even Solid punter and kicker on both teams.
Sorry man - Colquitt has this locked up over Rouen
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Originally Posted by McDman View Post
The OP realizes we have not won a playoff game or a SB. He posed the question for a fun discussion. You can still compare the two teams.
This. I mean seriously, some of you people are just damn lazy. Hell, I can compare the units of the '72 Dolphins to the '08 Lions if I wanted to for the sake of discussion.
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1 Elam 1

Elam, don't forget who got us there beetches!
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