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When Lonestar gets banned. People are stoked.

When I get banned. People get sad.

Truth of the matter is, there hasn't been a forum Lonestar/JRWIZ has ever been on that he was liked. He was kicked off the moderating team of a forum he tried to help start because he was an insufferable, divisive personality that nobody liked being around. That is the long and short if it. Nothing more to say. I've asked him via PM time and time again to let go of ten years of hate, but he refuses to. He simply cannot grow up.

For well over a decade, he and others, would harass younger people (especially those who didn't agree with politically -- lets say me for instance) and even go to the extent (with others) of trying to find a way to hurt them personally in real life. They even recruited people to pile on me and report me on the boards to bait into getting banned. (See schnooks and Jody in the thread I linked to regarding me being banned from BF.) This is well-documented above in the link I showed in regards to me.

Pretty sad and pathetic. He is a 50+ year old man trying to act tough on an internet message board because he is an empty, lonely person. Now he is on the OM, talking about how his kids are better than others kids on here, how he is better than us because he has more money, that liberals are stupid, Mike Shanahan and DJ fans have an unhealthy obsession, etc. He has an incredibly huge ego. 60,000 + posts online and he has the audacity to say people like W*GS (who have far less) have too much time on their hands.

What is his excuse? No interpersonal social life in the real world.

For God sakes, I was like 13 when I was posting online. I can only imagine what 13 year old me sounded like. But for a grown adult to exhibit the behavior he has then and now is quite troublesome. I often think of my parents (probably around the same age) and cannot even imagine them doing something like that. Then again, they are mature individuals who would never feel the need to piss on kids. It takes a special kind of perverted soul to do what Lonestar has done to me and many others online for a long time.

For someone who is supposedly a believer in God, he sure acts like a pretty big **** stain.

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