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Bronco Yoda
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Lost in all this gun talk is the fact that this kid was mentally disturbed! The parent was totally irresponsible & it all set up for the perfect **** storm.

The CIA could not have created a more dangerous killing machine.

First of all the kid was seriously messed up. His own brother wouldn't live there anymore or even visit because he was afraid of him. The Husband and ex boyfriend was also freaked out over this kid. He should have been in a facility. There had been such a facility nearby but had been shut down due to budget cuts. The mother was clearly in denial but had recently talked about moving out west and putting him in such a facility but she obviously dragged her feet too long.

...but let's not talk about mental illness and the lack of proper care available.

Secondly the young man lived his life in their huge baSeimiant decked out in camo playing first person shooters all day long. Most kids can play these games without any problems... but obviously it's not the sort of thing that should be around a troubled mind!

... but let's not talk about personal responsibility and the breakdown of society.

Third... Her weapons were stored in the same baSeimiant right along with his video game camo decked out lair. And he grew up shooting them with her. Again.... not the sort of activity for a troubled mind. It's been reported that the guns were locked up but he probably already had a key considering they were avid shooters.

Then she starts leaving the disturbed young man alone for days on end while she was taking 3 day trips while leaving the kid pre cooked meals. Yet she knows that he should be in a facility and is working towards moving him there.

So obviously... let's get rid of all the guns.

Good thing the crazy ass kid didn't have gasoline or matches we'd all be in danger of now walking to work and sun baking our BBQ ribs on the grill.
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