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sinuous sausage

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Originally Posted by Blighty View Post
Content? Definitely not. Understandably people aren't as affected as they were with Dunblane and Hungerford, but people here are following what's happened at Sandy Hook quite closely and no doubt people will care a lot more tomorrow as one of the victims was British (breaking news here as of 5 minutes ago).

The British public aren't oblivious to what goes on everyday in America, we do hear about your news and we are sadden. Regardless of what country it happened in, it's sad and ultimately a lot sadder as we know it's going to happen again and again yet nothing will happen due to despicable policies.

I don't want you all to think I'm attacking you for being Americans and what goes on in your country. I'm a person who just so happened to be born in London.
They only seem despicable because people aren't informed and are subject to emotional decisions on something requiring extensive study and reasoning. I understand the simple impulse of "someone shot people so let's ban guns," but the theory of gun control and data backing up said theory isn't convincing.

I understand the feeling, I do. It makes me sick to my core what happened yesterday, and if I believed banning guns would prevent those types of things from ever happening again, I would be all for it (constitutional liberties aside). But I don't think banning guns will do anything except exacerbate the problem. Society's ills have been misdiagnosed, and the cheap treatment of gun control that might make us feel better in the short-term only lets us get sicker.
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