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Default The Broncos No-Huddle

I went back and watched SuperBowl XLI and XLIV, studying Manning's Offense, the formations, and the statistical production of the Colts players throughout their SuperBowl seasons. Some things became immediately clear:

1. Manning runs a no-huddle offense with NO substitutions (the RB's will rotate every other drive).
2. The Colts primarily operate out of 1 formation (only moving the TE's).
3. Manning never throws a bad ball...EVER.
4. The dude is freaking nails in the redzone.
5. When they call Manning, "one of the best ever"...that's 'cause he is.

Let me answer a couple questions that have been asked on this board:
1. "What about our crappy O-Line?"
Answer: Don't worry about it. In both 2006 and 2009, the Colts line consisted of primarily low-draft picks and UDFA's...undersized and not particularly accomplished. Even Jeff Saturday was undrafted and undersized. If J.D. Walton can get his sh*t together, we won't have to worry about anybody else. They are all quite a bit better than what the Colts had...and Manning made them look like All-Stars.

2. "Who's going to be the 3rd WR?"
Answer: Probably no one. Caldwell, Hill, Stokley, Dell, etc....yeah those guys? They probably won't even get on the field. Below, are all the significant stats for Colts Offensive players in 2006. Notice only 6 guys got the ball ALL YEAR LONG. Only the RB's rotated (every other drive).

2006 Season:
Colts 12-4, won in SuperBowl XLI                
		rec.	speed	height
1  Harrison(WR)	95	4.38	6'0"
2  Wayne(WR)	86	4.45	6'0"
3  Clark*(TE)	48	4.65	6'3"
4  Utecht(TE)	37	4.8	6'6"
5  Addai(RB)	40	4.4	5'11"
6  Rhodes(RB)	36	4.52	5'09"
Manning	4,397 yards, 31 TD's (led the NFL)            
Addai	226 rushing attempts, 1,081 yards            
Rhodes	187 rushing attempts, 641 yards
Only 2 WR's (Harrison and Wayne), 2 TE's (Clark and Utecht), and 1 RB (Addai or Rhodes), we're ever on the field, all season long. The Colts generated 1,700 rushing yards, while using the 2 TE set (18th in the NFL), they didn't use a Fullback. Notice both RB's had ~ 40 catches each.

2009 Season:
Colts 14-2, lost in SuperBowl XLIV                
		rec.	speed	height
1  Wayne(WR)	100	4.45	6'0"
2  Clark(TE)	100	4.65	6'3"
3  Collie(WR)	60	4.56	6'0"
4  Garcon(WR)	47	4.42	5'11"
5  Addai(RB)	51	4.4	5'11"
6  Brown(RB)	11	4.46	5'10"
Manning	4,500 yards, 33 TD's                    
Addai	219 rushing attempts, 828 yards                
Brown	78 rushing attempts,  281 yards
Only 3 WR's (Wayne, Garcon, and Collie), 1 TE (Clark), and 1 RB (Addai or Brown), were ever on the field, all season long. The Colts only generated about 1,200 yards rushing, which was worst in the NFL (500 yards less than in 2006). The did not use a Fullback, and only had 1 TE in the entire time...while generating a similar amount of passing yards, receptions and TD's to 2006. The problem with the 2006 Colts, is that they did not have a blocking TE (like in 2006), and they were not well balanced.

What does this mean? You can come to your own conclusions, but since the Broncos have Dreessen (who is better than Utecht), and want to establish a balanced pass/rush Offense, I think the Broncos will run a no-huddle Offense very similar to the Colts 2006. The 6 primary players are shown below:

2012 Season:
		rec.	speed	height
1  Thomas(WR)	80	4.45	6'3"
2  Decker(WR)	80	4.54	6'3"
3  Tamme(TE)	80	4.58	6'3"
4  Dreessen(TE)	30	4.72	6'4"
5  Hillman(RB)	40	4.45	5'9"
6  McGahee(RB)	40	4.45	6'0"
Manning	4,400 yards, 31 TD's                    
McGahee	225 rushing attempts, 1,125 yards                
Hillman	150 rushing attempts, 750 yards
The 2012 Broncos have personnel very similar to the 2006 Colts (and 2011/2012 Patriots). We have 6 Offensive weapons who are touchdown scoring machines. I put in some very obtainable passing, receiving, and rushing goals for the Offense. I believe the primary formation will have:

1. DT split-wide to the left
2. Tamme lined up in the slot (on either side)
3. Dreessen lined up covering the OT (on either side)
4. A single RB (either McGahee or Hillman)
5. Decker split-wide to the right

Tell me what you think.
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