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Default Jokes for the Off-season

What about an off-season joke thread?

Here are some of my favorites (*nothing really offensive, but if you're mega sensitive either get over yourself or don't read)(*several "anti-humor" jokes):

What's the hardest part of rollerblading?

Telling your parents that you're gay.


I found a stethoscope and a prescription pad under our bed today.

His friend says, "Well my wife is apparently cheating with a railroad conductor"

First guy says "How do you know?"

"I found a ****in railroad conductor under the bed"


A jewish boy asks his father for $50.

"40 dollars?!?! What in the world do you need 30 dollars for?!"


A black guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. A white guy sitting at the bar notices him and says "hey, did you know there is an updraft between this building and the one next to it? If you jump off it will carry you back up." the black guy is incredulous and asks the white guy to show him. They go to the roof and the white guy hops off the roof, falls for a second, and then amazingly floats back up to the roof. The black guy can't believe it so he hops off the roof, but falls to his death.
The white guy returns to his spot in the bar. A few minutes later another black guy walks in and the white guy again tells the story about the updraft. They go to the roof, the white guy jumps and floats back up and then the black guy jumps to his death.
The white guy returns to the bar and drinks his beer until a 3rd black guy shows up. Again the white guy tells his story and they go up to the roof. White guy jumps, floats back up, and then the black guy jumps to his death. When the white guy returns to the bar he orders a beer. As the bartender sets the mug down he says "geez Superman, you sure don't like black people".


A guy gets sent to prison for 5 years. As soon as he's locked in his cell a huge black guy gets off of the bunkbeds and says "You have a choice, you can either be the husband or the wife." The newly jailed guy thinks to himself: well I sure as **** ain't gonna be the wife and he tells the black guy "Ill be the husband."

Then the black guy says...

"Okay then, get over here and suck your wife's dick."


A man walks into a bar. He is an alcoholic and its destroying his family.

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