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Knowshon Moreno

Originally Posted by bendog View Post
OABB, I honestly don't know if his game can translate into winning a Lombardi even with an elite defense and running back(s), but seriously, do you see this guy becoming a passer like Manning or Brees?
no. I don't think he would ever play to that level of pure passer. I mean he's just learning basic fundamentals now. The Brees's and Manning have been doing it the same since pop warner. Tebow is way way behind the curve and I don't think, even with his legendary work ethic, that he could achieve that level.

However, he has a physical aspect to his game that is rare. His running style can keep defenses off balance as we have seen before. He also throws well on the move, especially to his left, and he can have nice touch on his deep balls.

If he worked(and I believe he will) his intermediate passing game to just to point of adequate, the rest of his game would open up. He is a jack of all trades and a master of none at QB. NOw that defenses have taken away his strengths, he is playing his weakest part right now. It's why he looks like dog****. because in the intermediate passing game, he is.

I really believe it is 99% mental for him now. I expect that from a guy starting less than a full season of games in his career. We shouldn't be writing him off now, because if and when he starts beating man coverage(even just a little) defenses will have to adjust what they are doing now.

Shouldn't we be all collectively rooting for our young promising qb to adjust and overcome his own limitations? Isn't that what we want?

I just don't understand how many here are convinced as to his abilities. the truth is not one of us knows how his career will turn out.

I just think hard work and film study will improve him to the point of being an all around great qb. He will never be Manning IMHO(but who knows?) but he can be a dominant dual threat who scores.

He has already shown it. WHy are so many of us forgetting that he is capable of scoring even as a dog**** raw qb.

Just imagine what he could be if he improved.

THink if Cutler wasn't a **** where we would be right now. Hard work is the most important aspect. THe good one's get better everyday. Tebow has improved in a lot of areas and should be given the benefit of the doubt that he will improve.

Two bad games is not the complete story, and frankly, it's odd that so many of you can say that with a straight face.

If he fails to improve, he will be gone, and we as a fanbase will move on. Many have failed before him, and many still will.

but many did get better, and many became champions despite early struggles.

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