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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
I really like "Born In The Rain" but it seems to be the only track there where he really cuts loose in the Hendrix/SRV mold, the rest sound like Pat Metheny trying his hand at blues themes presented as lounge music, which (for me) is fine.....but only in limited doses. "Widow", "Six Eight" & "Ghouls" take an awful long time to really catch fire, almost too long.

So, what's more indicitive of Landau's song style? This long build up type of approach or that of "Born In The Rain" where he hits the ground running? 3 songs to 1 is a good indication, but far from conclusive.

I see his brother is married to Michelle Branch...lucky guy. She's long been one of my fave pop singer/songwriters.
I'm not sure if you're familiar with Landau's credits, but he's sort of like king of the mountain when it comes to studio guitarists in L.A. It would probably be easier to list the major artists who haven't hired Mike to play on their record or do their tour - and there's a reason for that. (BTW, Michelle Branch has used Mike for live dates and records more than once.)

Apart from his session and sideman work, Mike has been involved in a lot of original projects covering a pretty wide range of genres - everything from jazz/fusion to Hendrixy blues rock to alternative.

If "Born in the Rain" is more your taste, then you might want to check out Mike's band "Burning Water" (total balls-to-the-wall Hendrix meets SRV on steroids.) If you're interested, I can hook you up with an FTP download (almost all of Burning Water's stuff is either out of print or hard to find these days.) (BTW, there are videos of Michelle Branch with Mike on guitar on the FTP server too, if I remember correctly.)

If you're a fan of indie pop/rock, then you might also want to check out the band "Stolen Fish" (featuring Mike Landau and his wife Karen Martin.)

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