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Default The OrangeMane WEIGHT LOSS Thread

This thread was Rhymesayers idea a couple months ago, but I'm starting it now because I had a harrowing experience two weeks ago: I cut my finger, and it obviously needed to be sewn up. So I went to the hospital - and they put me on a scale .... Now, I'm very much aware of my (relatively-recent) weight problem, and I knew I weighed this much, but it was a groundshaking moment when this hospital scale - clearly an official health oriented piece of equipment - spitted out on the digital readout:
Yes, it had two decimal places.

On the "bright side," I stand 6'6" - 6'7" in shoes, so I'm not exactly a beach ball, but clearly the wheels have come off on my diet and my health. When I moved to Seattle 3 years ago this month, I weighed 230-235 ... and I've never been over 255 ... so I have a real problem here.

I started a diet the next day, and I've lost (ostensibly) 7 pounds already. The diet has been quite easy - so far. I bought a big sack of almonds, and one of raisins, a couple of those big bags of apples and oranges, a couple 18-packs of eggs, pita bread, two of those cannisters of tomatoes, two pounds of lean deli-turkey and a half-dozen avocadoes (I make 'em all the time, Jim), along with canola oil and plain popcorn. Plus, every day (so far) I've briskly walked three blocks to the dog park, circled it and came home ... about 3/4 miles on the odometer.

I'm Inviting All O-Maners to join this thread. Give a capsule history like I gave, and talk about the steps you're taking - SPECIFIC steps you're taking. Critique my ad hoc diet thusfar, and share ideas, recipes, etc ....

Finally, I propose we end each post with two numbers, as such: 13/-7 ... that means "13" days on the diet, and "minus 7" pounds. I'll start at zero though....

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