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Default SURVIVOR III : ZOMBIE MALL Game Thread (And the Susan Lucci is...Hotrod!)

Welcome to OrangeMane Survivor III - -

The Zombie Mall

Our fearless contestants:

1. BMF Bronco
2. BIM
3. Majikman7
4. heydensmom
5. bfoflcommish
6. 24champbailey
7. hotrod
8. missingnumber7
9. ludo21
10. DBroncos4life
11. minibronco
12. Ratboy
13. Bronx33
14. Dagmar
15. DomCasual
16. Great13
17. TheDave
18. rascal
19. Mile High Shack
20. Arkansas Bronco
21. Mediator12
22. Smalltowngirl


Each round, each contestant may PM me with 1 vote to kill one other contestant; i.e. to knock them out of the game. There will usually be five rounds per week, with votes due at noon, Denver time, on Mondays through Fridays. I will announce, on this thread, any changes to the schedule in advance.

You will be allowed to abstain once and only once. This will earn you an asterisk in front of your name. If you miss a subsequent vote, you will be automatically eliminated (in addition to whoever was eliminated by the majority vote). Voting past the deadline or voting for someone who has already been eliminated or (gasp) voting against your Master of Ceremonies, or voting against someone who has won immunity are all illegal and will be counted as missed votes.

All voting will be in PMs to me (and secret to that extent) but all votes will be usually be made public after they are tallied. Exception: There will be two "blackout rounds" that will be announced in advance. For those rounds only, the identities of the voters will not be announced until the game is completely over. Right now, I plan on making Rounds EIGHT and NINE the blackout rounds, but I reserve the right to move that up or back a little. If I do, everyone will get plenty of notice.

You can make whatever alliances you want, but you can break them at will and backstab anyone whenever it suits you.

I do not care who wins, or how you conduct yourselves, so long as we don’t get banned. You may, of course, bribe or blackmail other players for their votes, to your heart’s content. The general rules for posting at the Orange Mane apply. No porn, no blatant spamming. Good-natured taunting and ridiculing in the context of the game is okay. But keep it within the game. Use your common sense.

The final winner will be determined by a jury vote from persons who have been previously eliminated. There will also be 3 final votes awarded as the result of a public opinion poll, and in the event that everything still remains tied, the MOLE will have the final tiebreaker.

The only thing that really counts are the ratings, and so I reserve the right to change any or all of the rules at any point in time to drive up the ratings.

In cases of tied votes to eliminate someone, the first tiebreaker will be previous voting participation. Anyone who has missed a round of voting and tagged with an asterisk, will be the first to go. If that tiebreaker does not apply, then person who has the fewest total previous votes against them will be killed. This is the opposite of the way we have done this in previous games, so make a note of it. I will refer to previous adverse votes as "scars" and will keep a running tally by putting "x's" after your name. If that is also tied, the next tiebreaker will be by a vote of THE MOLE.

All official discussion concerning the contest, including announcements, vote tabulations, etc., will be confined to this thread unless otherwise noted.

Once you are eliminated, you are dead. You cannot be brought back to life and you cannot win the game. However, that doesn't mean you won't have your chance for revenge. Bwahahahahhaaa! As a matter of course, you will be entitled to vote in the final verdict. But in addition to that, you may also participate in the vote in the one round following your death. Just out of a fair sense of retribution. And since you're a mad slavering UNDEAD beast at that point, you'll get triple your normal voting power. After that round, you are gone until you take your seat on the final jury.

There will be four "double elimination" rounds in this game. The first will be on ROUND SEVEN. The second is tentatively scheduled for ROUND NINE (which is also probably a blackout round), the third will be on ROUND ELEVEN, and the fourth will be on ROUND THIRTEEN.

There will also be two rounds of "gimmick voting" that will be explained in advance. These will not occur during the first week of the contest.

I will NOT generally announce the trend or the status of any particular vote until it is done. That way, no one should expect an information advantage by withholding their vote until the last possible second. What I might do, if I want to speed things up, is announce who has voted and who we are still waiting on. But once the deadline is passed, it has passed.

Any dispute about any of the rules is in my total discretion. Do not screw with your host.

Non-players generally do not get to vote, but are invited and encouraged to post comments to this thread. So if you're not a player, settle back with your popcorn.

It's all about the ratings.

The official kickoff and details concerning the deadlines for ROUND ONE voting will be posted tomorrow, March 5th.

And let's be careful out there.

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