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Originally Posted by ghwk View Post
Well this should be an easy round for everyone, you or me.

Just remember folks BS will come at you at some point. Now is a great time to remove the biggest threat in the game.
I am not the biggest threat in the game, just giving the common man a chance to "Play to win the Game"! Herm couldn't pull it off but his team was in MO. I have a better team that will stand behind me toe to toe while I go

MANO A MANO with GHWK and his crew of thugs.

This game is playing out just like a Raymond Chandler novel.

THis round I will be Phil Marlow, the next round I will go back to the great Gene Kranz.

Rest up and drink lots of fluids Irish sport, Phibacka31, GHWK and even DB4L who I might work with to take out GHWK or not. Haven't made my mind up yet.

LOVE and Peace to my friends who are too numerous to name here.

I got a feeling GHWK and his flunkies have hopped into a 70's Chevy to spend their last weekend full of Fear and Loathing in Vegas. Hope they have a lawyer who packed the shrooms and enough Speed or Blow to keep them going for the next couple days. While PhiBacka31 or Irish Stud brought the typewriter or iPad to document the paranoid meyhem going on as they stratagize in a rented room full of purple haze and substances lined up on the counter tops and mirrors.

"...hey maaaaan......maybe China man.....we got to go to China man.... and hide out there man...until their juice is low man!"

"MmmmeaAAANNNN! **** the Juice, we anint got it, we need a play but he is too strong right now man!"

"Hey DB when did you jump into the trunk and follow us here? Go buy us some surf and turfs EUNUCH!" and we will think about keeping you around. (Eunuch/DB4l leaves to buy Surf and turf's).
Irish Spring:
"F maaaaaannnnn, the Juice knows I am a leak, do you know how the Juice deals with leaks Man! I am not long for the game man. YOU said Rocket Boy Mancrush Lover would think Phi and I were part of his crew man". "You said keep working him he won't remember anything because he is old and eats a bottle of perc;s and ambien every 3-4 hours."

(Loud Snorting sounds stage right)
"Whoo I feel like I can now out lift Superman Boyeee!"

"Man my (SNORTS A Keith Richards line of Blow) softball line never fails. How did he see though that?

Irish Mob:
"Maybe when you reappeared during your "game" asking for even more information (SNORT, SNORT, SNORT). After that they knew fer sure we was leaking more info to GHWK than the ISP's leak to the US Government.:

"China man, China is the answer, we can always go to North Korea if we need jobs, they need people willing to test their nukes for them, it is not like if I flew and Nuke into a aircarft carrier it would blow, this is NK we are talking about."

IRish Spot:
"IDK man, maybe Rodman is a double agent and he has us pulled out and thrown into Gitmo..."

(DB4L crawls in through the window like a rat bastard)

"Hello b****es! Back with the Surf and Turf"

"That smells more like a **** and Turd where did you find those?

"I walked up and down the hotel and motel hallways until I found all the fixings." This was my same plan for signing up with people to play Survivor with only difference is for the Surf and Turf I stopped off in a strip club/truck stop mens room. I met Spider working the Glory Hole, I told him how the game is going and he said "Your ****ed, now pay me my seven dollars, throat punches are free. Anyways I passed on the throat punch but I found some great eats, some of it wasn't sitting in the sun all day, this is how I feed my self man it works I's tell you!

"Irish and Phi, dump him in boys town and make sure he has a sign taped to his back that says "Will work on hands and knees for food"

Irish & Phi:
"Done Boss but can we eat our surf and turfs 1st?"

"Run it throught the dishwasher 1st then microwave it."

(Snort, SNOOOOOOOORRRTTTTTTTT, Snort, Sss[Cought]nnNNNN[cough] ORT! HHHHAAAAAAA!CHEW! GHWK shoots all the "coke" all over the room.

"Great there goes the cocaine you fools!"

"ummm GHWK, that wasn't coke, REQ's guy was way too expensive so he sold me a Kilo of Baby powder for the same price."

(Wringing DB4l's neck)"how do I get you on to Broncosteven's ship and out of what is left of my hair, Wes Welkers guy told me it is going to take a couple months for the $100K of hair plugs to take hold and I already pulled out $40k of it!

*Gasp*gasp**(strained) "Mmmmaaaayyyyyy (gulp of air) be, (Gulp) I can Ask him(Breathes heavy for a while)

"Perfect! Broncosteven will never expect the old double double triple cross this time and mean while........(turns back to DB still breathing heavy trying to get air to his pea brain) have you been calling me at work and jerking off to my voice as I take your order at PaPa Johns Pizza deliveries?! That Heavy breathing sounds way too familiar!"

"Kahn has Kuper, BroncoSteve has the hottest man man on the planet. I can't help it that every time I hear me some "I will always, love you" on my Whitney Mix tape I think of the time I walked in on you and Irish and PHIbacka making a 3 backed beast and pulling a train. Do you know how long I longed to be the 4th! You guys dress as a Construction worker, an Irish Cop, a (sobbing...) cowboy.............(Sobbing) why can't I be the Indian chief? Please tell me your not bringing kFcStud in rather than me! Say it Aint so!" Sobbing..."Even The Dave had Bea Arthur mmmmaaaaaaaaannnnnnn. (Sob, Sob, Sob)

Fade out to

TO BE Continued
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