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Joesy Jewel

In da house after my bed time! BUitches!

Does the USS Majik have their mains on line yet?

Tell you what Ido I will tell Irish Sport and the dude who needed all my info before his "Softball Doubleheader" how to fix it and suddenly GHWK will know how to fix them and save the day....Hmmm.... watch out sports fans. YOu think I am the only leak or person who cannot be trusted. I Applaud Irish and the other dude for having the balls to play this game the right way. It is hard being a right hand man andhaving to do the dirty work so someone else on your team can move on deep into the game.

Tell you what since it stinks like sulfur (from GHWK's Sheet he had made in his underworld home of HELL) and you guys are so alone starving for companionship I will send you some tribbles. You can PM kFc dud how to bone it as he is the authourity about all thingsabout being Cameros, Sister loving, Mulltit hair styles or stuff just plane Beastiality related.
Here on the U.S.S. Watermock we would have Cadet Bmore tune into the common Ship Channel using the ships prefix and listen to all you all trying to plan you next day, "Dady I might get Promoted if GHWK is called to the carosel before me!!! Isn;t that great? THere is one great dr on our Ship moms but he is still busy tending to rashes and sores and things he calls STD, he told me to beat it when he said I had Clamidia and I thought it was a flower"

USS WaterMock:
I look foward to working with the team post todays leak, even the ones I asked the special tasks came through for me. I will hit you up Saturday with another Plan. Listen to the lucid guy, I should be lucid by noon Central time as I am back on straight PIMP Hours on weekends or days I don't have clients.

This ain;t your grandma's Logan's run where we all just line up nice and orderly for the CArousel like REQ, or Kahn (My only regret is who you decided to line up behind) and GHWK, and IRISH, And 31 planned, now we got us a Star Fleet issued wrench in the works and Logan has to run around looking for a replacement engine for a 1976 Caraousel killing maching for the lemmings to line up in.

The thing about being turly loyal is that because people don't see just how loyal or self scraficing a guy is until the game is over. When I am not on a handfull of sleep meds I am confident that I am loved by the famlby unit and and the game is just a game, but when I get hopped up with the night meds and still can't sleep then I just get bitter about the snitches and the diversion attempts to discredit my team.

We are in a good spot and the Federation Monkey wrench I wedged in the Rats merry go ****-ass-round used to kill the sheep and lemmings in an orderly way has already which given them away.

It is going to take that hot 7 of 9 chick to get any info out of lucid BroncoSteven After today boys. I only need about 14 seconds with her, then GHWK can have my sloppy seconds. Irish, be a sport and hope that GHWK doesn;t pass 7 Of 9 on to 31 before you get her, at least make her wash her cooter, unless you like that kind of thing.

I got a roll, it has been 3 and 1/25th of an hour since the last hand full of Goofballs so if no one says anything to my Dr I will call it an even 4 hours and toss em back with a side of a tube of Testors in a brown paper lunch sack!


If Denziel can fly and crash land saving lives of those o the plane after a night out with Hoochiemomma and Illegal substances then I can command the U.S.S WaterMock with Honor and Dignity to my crew and her allies hopped up on all sorts of sheet I have legit scripts for MANNNGGGG!

Just don't mainline your ****, chew the life out of it but dont be going all Bill Burroughs, quickest way to die. THe huffing is a bad idea but that sharpie was asking for it. ANd never mix Morphine, Tequila, and rent a room at the Jousha tree national park alone with out someone who can drive that big ole infedamine needle into your heard and kick start that b****.

Tomorrow this putz will rise after noon semi lucid for a whil because I will have been up typing this and eating a couple bags of dorritios and all the cookies my wife forgot to hide then Lucidly I will come up with a plan to b**** slap the rest for the GHWK crew one by one. Just like TOS Kirk would have done.

WHere is Dr. McCoy when you need him to set up a heparin lock and load it up with some Fantnyl and Michael Jackson type surgery drugs to sleep. THat is the **** I am a Talking a bout. BOOOOUoooouuuuuYYyyEEEEEEES (and Gunns)!

Remember straight Pimp hours, 11am Central b****es!

Don't fear me, I am only the PALE RIDER, fear the other 3 horsemen unless they got into sniffing the Nitrox or left over paint.

Good luck to the snitches. I just hope LucidSteven remembers his plan that Hoppedup Steven Made.

Plust Hopped up Steven keeps hiding my undies in the trunk of my wifes car and hers in mine which doesn;t bother her because she does not work PImp hours and she has to leave by 7 am every day. I cannot wait for my 5 year old to wear a 33waist X 30 long pair of parachute pants so I have backup.
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