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Originally Posted by OrangeSe7en View Post
You act like you're the only one who likes the Bulls.

If the Bulls amnestied Boozer, I would have no problem with it. The guy accumulates stats but a lot of it's fluff. And it's offset by the fact that he offsets it with stupid fouls and an intense desire to be worthless on defense (aside from rebounding, which involves accumulating stats).

Like I said, the differences between Deng and Butler aren't so glaring that it's worth getting into a big thing over. But I stand by what I said, I feel Butler has more lateral quickness. He's also better at finishing at the rim than Deng, even though slashing to the basket is part of Deng's game. Butler is younger and has more athleticism. Deng is older and taller and probably has advantages that are in line with someone who is more experienced and taller.
not acting like i'm the only one who likes the Bulls. i just agree with you and i stated why.
as far as amnestying goes that's not going to happen. that's part of the reason why the Bulls FO was so supportive of Boozer earlier on this season.

besides, Mirotic won't come over til 2014 or later so they're not going to pay Boozer to go away and not have a replacement.
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