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Default Official Final Round Rules

The public opinion poll will be anonymous. Everyone is eligible to vote in that poll - - even the contestants themselves. Also the ghosts, the jury, etc. The winner of the public poll gets one vote.

The Five Members of the Celestial Jury will cast Public Votes - - (if they desire to vote), on this thread. This specifically includes CBF-1, bendog, Sideburn, Clockwork Orange, and Spider. Each of their votes counts as 1.

Members of the Ghostly Chorus may vote either on this thread, or by Private Mail to me. In case of a conflict, the vote cast in public will prevail. The Cumulative Ghostly Chorus is worth 1 vote. Majority rules. If the vote is tied, it will be split either 2 or 3 ways depending on whether it is a 2 or 3 way tie for the lead.

Votes may not be changed once they are cast.

All voting will be tabulated at Noon on Saturday, and a winner will be declared. If it turns out that we can declare a winner before that time, so be it.
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