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Craig Morton

Originally Posted by I bleed orange and blue View Post
I know these are dumb and obvious..........but i cant beleive how many people don't do the little things.

1. Be on time......If you tell your fellow partiers you are going to be in LOT X at 10AM BE THERE! There is no easier way to spoil a good time than by being all the good spots will be gone too.

2. Have plenty of food. Always bring more than what you expect you will need. You want your fellow tailgaters feeling full and happy......and not worried about if they are allowed to have a second hotdog.

3. Have food thats "ready to eat" without any cooking. Give your guests something to munch on while the main course(s) are on the grill.

4. As TGN mentioned above.......prep all the food you can. If you want to slow cook ribs and use your special sauce on all means go ahead.........but do it the day before. No one wants to wait 14 hours for your special ribs.

5. have multiple drinks avaliable.........not everyone drinks beer.....Have pop (soda for you non-ohioans), water, even juice.

6. Have a source of entertainment. A tv, cornhole, a lingerie contest, ect...... tailgating is fun, socializing is fun, but entertainment makes the time go by smoother.

7. Remember not everyone likes what you bring a variety of foods (even something without meat)

8. Pitch don't have to bring food, or money, but if you don't make sure you at least help clean up.

9. Know the lot rules. Many lots don't allow tailgating, some cities don't even allow alcohol in the lots. Make sure you know the one wants a ticket, or even be watching the game on a tv in a cell with a guy names tiny.

10. Be careful about how you treat opposing fans......I can't tell you how many times I have seen windows broken out, or worse because some fan gave an opposing fan a hard time in the lots. (this is especially true if you are the away team!) Razzing os one thing, but keep it civil.
Remember : We got the best looking chics in the lot so some fans get jealous. Like KC where the wifes and GF's look like Willie Roaf.Wives out eat the guys at the BBQ. Arrowhead : where you can find Pabst Blue Ribbon at the concession stand and watch hunting and fishing with Bill Dance while your in line. Ushers wear Camo so they blend in with the crowd.
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