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Posted by Mike Florio on December 15, 2008, 11:42 a.m.

In the aftermath of Sunday’s division-deciding game between the Steelers and the Ravens, there are allegations that spitting occurred during the game.

(Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher has an alibi.)

Specifically, Pittsburgh punter/holder Mitch Berger claims that Ravens cornerback Frank Walker spit in Berger’s mouth [Editor’s note: well, so much for eating lunch now] after the extra point attempt that cemented the final score.

“The guy dove, he tried to take out [Jeff Reed’s] knee,” Berger said. ”I went over there and he got up and he spit in my face — and they called [a penalty] on Jeff for pushing him!

“I tried to get in the middle to separate him but he got in my face and spit right in my mouth,” Berger said. “He spit right in my mouth. I’m still trying to spit that . . . out. I was talking to him, trying to separate everybody and he spit right in my mouth.”

We’ve watched the tape of the game to see if there’s any evidence of a magic loogie; the live camera cuts away as Berger seems to be accosting Walker after Walker dives at Reed’s plant leg.

The replay angle shown by CBS after the ensuing kickoff shows Walker in Berger’s face, and Reed pushing him from the side.

If the league determines that Walker did indeed spit, he’ll likely be facing a very stiff fine. The late Sean Taylor was fined $17,000 (the equivalent of his game check for the wild-card round) for spitting in the face of Bucs running back Michael Pittman during a playoff game in January 2006.
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