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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Except people in this thread are making fun of Tim for currently being a backup and playing special teams, which is a role he's apparently embraced in New York.

A massive media market with a mediocre QB was willing to handle the supposed PR hassles of Tim Tebow in exchange for what Tebow offers on the football field. The Denver Broncos, with the franchise's greatest icon at the helm, bringing in one of the greatest QBs of all time but one with health concerns, is incapable of doing that?

If so then this organization has serious issues. This was a slam dunk path for them to ignore the Tebow fans and keep the best 53 football players they could acquire on the roster. They chickened out and now if Manning isn't health for every single game we get to watch Caleb Hanie have another seizure on the football field.
The Jets kept the cat in the bag by saying he's the backup and putting him in punt coverage. That was a savvy move.

In Denver, that cat was not going back into the bag. Period. Elway knew it, got rid of the distraction.

You should probably try to get over it.
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