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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Scribe.....I need Bulls analysis.
Wendell Carter Jr is probably Al Horford with more offensive potential.
He's NBA ready body wise and has a high level of basketball IQ.
He has a chance to end up better than his teammate Bagley. He'll rebound, defend, give you scoring down low and from mid range, has a underrated passing ability.
He needs to develop a better outside shot.
Bamba would have been the perfect big to pair Lauri with but WCJ is damn close.

Chandler Hutchinson was promised at pick #22 months ago. That's why he shut down his workouts, otherwise he would have been similar to Jerome Robinson in rising late and going higher.

He is the quintessential Bulls selection. College player, veteran, leadership skills, comes from a winning program, underrated skill level, got better each year. This is the Bulls wanting to unearth another Jimmy Butler.

6-7, reportedly up from 190 to 210 lbs, athletic, great defensive potential, long, lean and has an improving outside shot.

Bulls should have ended up with 2 starters from this draft. Now the question is, how does Lauri improve with the new talent around him and can LaVine get healthy and turn into the offensive juggernaut to help elevate everyone else?

Originally Posted by 24champ View Post
Scribe, tell me if the Lakers got a good one in Mo Wagner?
I think he will be very similar in impact to Kuzma from last season.

Originally Posted by gunns View Post
I don't know about him but I've read two sites that think the Lakers reached for him.
They didn't. Mo should have gone higher. Some seriously dumb takes on him. Scouts didn't like him because he was a big man who can shoot but not overly athletic.
He is not going to be a great defender by any means but he can shoot, play great pick and roll offense, pick and pop offense and also has a solid post game.
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