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Originally Posted by Sassy View Post
"No longer wish to participate?" Ok then clean my house, organize/put away my scrapbook stuff, go to my appt. for me, see my friend who's in town for a few hours from Indiana, go to work for me, organize my toddler projects, buy new furniture/have delivered by Tuesday, finish two Christmas presents (Photo calendars), do laundry/pack for Diego, buy groceries, cook and clean it all up for Christmas dinner, find me something fun to wear for NYE, do my banking stuff that needs to be done tomorrow, get the brakes checked on my car...etc. Yeah, I have time for rep...I'm not feeling that well and I'm whipped. I'm kind of resenting that comment.
Lighten up, Sassy, its all in fun. I am sure no one intends to offend you. It's all good. If I offended you, I am sorry. See you soon in SD. It is good to hear you are packing so we know we will see you there!
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