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You can't attack N Korea. That is why Obama is blowing it with Iran. Soon you won't be able to attack them either. Once a country has the bomb all bets are off period.

WMD were one reason Bush gave. But hey he can just pull an Obama and say that was best intell i had at the time right?

Funny how the reasons for removing Saddam have to be WMD or it's wrong. While at the same time you had no problem with Libya. Also you would have went along with Syria as well.

The only difference is Saddam fought back hard and was powerful so it took more then France dropping a few bombs.

Clinton, Bush SR, and maybe even back to Reagan are probably most to blame for N Korea getting the bomb. You have to stop countries on the run up to the first test. Once they test it's too late.

Whatever the country will speak at the midterms on if they feel the liberal revolution is going well.
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