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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
What did I say that isn't true? It's just more of the liberal plan to call anything they can't explain crazy.

Jay Carney must be your hero.

Gaddaffi was the one who gave up his centrifuges and nuclear ambitions. We then found out his centrifuges were the same design as Irans and made the whole virus that attacked them.

For that he got a rifle stuck up his ass. Obama let Mubarek down as well. What did Obama do? He backed a revolt to overthrow him then watched a terror organization take over using fear to keep people from voting.

Then he decided hell just let a coup overthrow that regime. Basically screwing the notion we back elections. Oh by the way the military rulers of Egypt back on our military tit.

In Iraq we had a leader in Saddam who had no intention of ever playing cooperating again. He tried to kill our President, he shot missiles in a UN no fly zone, he gassed people worst then Assad ever dreamed of, he fouled the earth, he invaded other countries...hell the list goes on and on and on. His sons would have been even scarier.

I disagree with how Bush jr did the security of Iraq after the army fell. But taking out Saddam was the right move.

Gaddaffi did much less and the liberals had no problem bombing the crap out of him. Why? because it was easy and they didn't need troops.
it was about WMD,Saddam being an a-hole had nothing to do with GWB selling it to the public.

If had to do with just being a bad guy,then he should've invaded N. Korea.
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