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B U R B A N K -- N O M A D S

Andre Dawson

Ted Williams...............................................Ichiro Suzuki

Ozzie Smith............Rogers Hornsby

Mike Schmidt.............................................Jimmie Foxx

Ivan Rodriguez

.........................................DHDHDHDHD HDHDHWillie Stargell

Chuck Tanner

RF Suzuki (L)
2B Hornsby (R)
LF Williams (L)
1B Foxx (R)
3B Schmidt (R)
DH Stargell (L)
CF Dawson (R)
C Rodriguez (R)
SS Smith (B)

C Ted Simmons (B)
2B/3B Frankie Frisch (B)
SS Pop Lloyd (L)
LF Jim Rice (R)
CF Tris Speaker (L)
RF Sam Crawford (L)

RHP Christy Mathewson
LHP Steve Carlton
RHP Greg Maddux
LHP Mickey Lolich
RHP Don Drysdale

RHP Goose Gossage
LHP Tug McGraw
RHP Kent Tekulve
LHP Al Hrabosky
RHP Moe Drabowsky

1 - Ted Williams, OF
2 - Rogers Hornsby, 2B
3 - Christy Mathewson, P
4 - Mike Schmidt, 3B
5 - Jimmie Foxx, 1B
6 - Steve Carlton, P
7 - Ozzie Smith, SS
8 - Greg Maddux, P
9 - Ichiro Suzuki, RF
10 - Andre Dawson, OF
11 - Ivan Rodriguez, C
12 - Don Drysdale, P
13 - Goose Gossage, RP
14 - Willie Stargell, LF
15 - Ted Simmons, C
16 - Frankie Frisch, 2B/3B/SS
17 - Tris Speaker, CF
18 - Mickey Lolich, P
19 - Tug McGraw, RP
20 - Kent Tekulve, RP
21 - Chuck Tanner, Manager
22 - Pop Lloyd, SS
23 - Jim Rice, LF
24 - Al Hrabosky, RP
25 - Sam Craword, OF
26 - Moe Drabowsky, RP
I figured I would take a few minutes to talk up my lads.

My goal was to achieve a strong, balanced team, but I also wanted to fill it with guys I liked watching. That said, I realize the Andre Dawson pick was a bit of a homer selection, especially in round ten. That's where he would have been drafted if chronic knee problems didn't affect him thoughout his career, though.

I made it a priority to assemble a strong defensive team. I would say I've probably got more Gold Glovers than any other squad. I would also say every player in my starting lineup is outstanding defensively, except for Williams and Hornsby.

Williams's defense was slightly below average early in his career, but he worked hard to become a solid defensive player later in his career. Hornsby's defense has been much maligned by people who argue about the greatest ever second baSeimian. This is unfair. He was slightly above average defensively until age and injuries robbed him of his range. He was fairly brutal with the glove at the end of his career.

We'll see if Greg Maddux wins his 16th Gold Glove this year. This would tie him with Jim Kaat (who should have been drafted) and Brooks Robinson for the most Gold Gloves at any position.

Ivan Rodriguez' 11 Gold Gloves are more than any other catcher. I would say Bench was better behind the plate, though, and Jim Sundberg was at least as good.

Jimmie Foxx played before they awarded Gold Gloves, but he was an excellent all around athlete and his defense was better than average.

Ozzie Smith's 13 Gold Gloves surpass all other shortstops and his performance in the field was unmatched.

Mike Schmidt's 10 Gold Gloves trail only Brooks Robinson. He was the best defensive third baseman in the National League throughout his career and one of the best glove men ever to play the hot corner.

Andre Dawson won four Gold Gloves in centerfield and four in right field. His total of eight Gold Gloves has been surpassed by only four OF in history.

Ichiro Suzuki has won Gold Gloves every year he's been in the majors and he possesses arguably the best arm of any rightfielder playing right now.
  • Many believe Ted Williams was the best left handed hitter ever. He was the last man to bat .400 in the majors.

  • Many consider Rogers Hornsby to be the best right handed hitter ever. He averaged .402 over a five year stretch from 1921-1925.

  • Only 11 men have won baseball's triple crown. I have three of them, including the only two time winners (Williams and Hornsby).

  • There have only been 13 triple crown seasons in baseball history and my team is responsible for five of them (Williams, Hornsby and Foxx).

  • Three of the top seven lifetime batting averages in history:
    Hornsby - Second at .358
    Speaker - Sixth at .3447
    Williams - Seventh at .3444

  • Tris Speaker is the all time doubles leader with 792.

  • Sam Crawford is the all time triples leader with 309.

  • Three 300 game winners, two 200 game winners and nine Cy Young Awards in my starting rotation.

  • A thinking man's team. Six of my players became managers or served as player/managers: Mathewson, Speaker, Hornsby, Frisch, Lloyd, Williams. Three of them (Speaker, Hornsby and Frisch) managed World Series winners.

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