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Originally Posted by Jason in LA
As for Brady, I've said it a number of times, he's pretty good, but he's very overrated. He gets more credit than he deserves. He's the only star on that team, but he's a star because the media has made him that. The Pats D goes out and wins the game, and Brady gets most of the credit. In 5 of the 6 playoff wins for the Pats, Brady was a total non-factor. Only this past Super Bowl Brady had a big game. I think at least 7 or 8 QBs could have won the Super Bowl with the Pats. Great D and a very low risk, dink and dunk offense. Brady is good, but I wouldn't even think of putting him in the top 5.
This is great debate stuff.

I disagree that the Pats would've won last year with 7 or 8 other possible QBs. Tom has marched us down the field so many times now at the end of games it's no fluke. Drew never had that composure.

Tom's a very cool customer and makes good decisions. Troy Brown is the only bona-fide go-to guy he had. He had no big WR to throw at and our TEs and RBs were average.

So, if the Pats repeat will it be because he finally got a running game with Dillon?

I see your point - and you are by no means the only one that says that - but the guy gets it done. Sometimes it's the things he doesn't do that makes him so valuable.
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