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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Well... like seriosu critics of every art form, you have a rep for liking music that most folks haven't heard yet. Think of it as being "ahead of the curve.":
Well, thank you. I thought you'd know by now however that just because the range has expanded, that in no way means that I'm beyond anything pounded into the ground by classic rock radio stations on a daily basis. The search always continues for new sounds but the old standbys are never forgotton.

I'm serious, that is VERY impressive ... LABF will corroborate that was the answer.

Much props, sir :
It's really not all that impressive though Buff, I mean, who hasn't been bombared by Frampton Comes Alive? Surely not anyone who was alive in the late 70's, regardless of age. Like Fleetwood Mac's Rumors, the in depth knowledge of the work is unavoidable, whether you liked it or not, because it was that unescapably, unavoidably huge.
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