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Originally Posted by Jetmeck View Post
lol.....this is epic. These trolls show up here pounding their chest over every little thing they think they have done even if its by selective memory.

I was once a Chef fan. Watched Elway play in college and followed him to Denver never once looking back and taking some big ass lumps when we lost SBs in the 80's.

But I ask you did I or didn't I make the right choice ? Exactly...........

Keep filling Arrowhead you idiots...........and they'll keep
feeding you a pile of crap over and over again.

Things went south around Denver couple years ago and
guess what tickets got easier to come by and empty
seats at Mile High sent a message that these fans won't stand
for this. Keep filling Arrowhead............dumbasses.

2 SB to 1 SB
hEAD TO hEAD TO GO TO AFC Championship
Denver kicked your ass in your own back yard even
though you were undefeated at home that year.

GTFouta here with your ignorance !
It all makes sense now. Let me guess you started rooting for the Patriots too when they got Brady?
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